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Kaysville cops burned saving man who set himself on fire speak out

KAYSVILLE, Utah — Four police officers who were burned while rescuing a suicidal man who set himself on fire inside a gas station are speaking about the experience.

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Officer Cade Bradshaw (left), Sgt. Shawn McKinnon and Officer Lacy Turner (right) speak over a video hookup with Officer Robert Jackson, who remains hospitalized. (Photo by Ben Winslow, FOX 13 News)

Officers Robert Jackson, Lacy Turner, Cade Bradshaw and Sgt. Shawn McKinnon spoke at a news conference Thursday, describing their encounter with an agitated man at a convenience store last week.

“Obviously, he was in crisis,” Officer Turner said.

The officers were called to try to help the man who doused himself in gasoline and was holding a Zippo lighter in his hand inside the convenience store bathroom. They tried de-escalating the situation, talking to him and offering him help.

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As negotiations broke down, Officer Jackson said he waited for the man to close the lighter and then lunged for it.

“It was very hot, very intense, and all five of us turned to the door which, thank God, was open,” he said.

Surveillance video released by Kaysville Police on Thursday showed the flash of fire, and the officers scrambling as the burning man rips his clothing off and lunges into the convenience store shelves. Officers moved quickly to douse the flames. Officer Turner took a fire extinguisher to the man. A deputy nearby took a rubber mat to help beat down the flames on Officer Jackson.

“Both my legs and my calves are third-degree burns. They will be having to do surgery on them. My left arm was burned from my wrist to my shoulder,” Officer Jackson told reporters over a video conference link from his hospital bed.

Officer Bradshaw’s arms are still bandaged from the second-degree burns he received.

“It’s hard to tell my face got burned it actually looks pretty well. I was burned here from up and around back and burns here,” he said, motioning from his neck to his ear.

Sgt. McKinnon and Officer Turner have been cleared to return to duty. The man who attempted to immolate himself remains hospitalized in critical condition in the University of Utah Hospital’s burn unit.

“I feel bad for him. We deal with people that are in crisis. Obviously our main goal is to help them and get them the help they need. It’s a sad situation he was in some point in his life where he felt like he needed to do this,” said Officer Bradshaw. “I hope he gets the help he needs.”

The officers said they were appreciative of overwhelming community support since the incident.

“My job is to protect lives,” said Officer Jackson. “And if I have to risk mine to save somebody else, I’m going to do that.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, help is available 24/7 by calling 1-800-273-TALK. Utahns can also visit Hope4Utah and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center for additional resources. You can also download the SafeUT app for instant, confidential crisis services.

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D.C. Police officers who helped pull a man out of a burning car spoke with ABC7 News Tuesday night.

The incident happened after 10 p.m. Sunday when police say a man driving on Bladensburg Road near the National Arboretum ran off the road, hit a pole and his car caught on fire.

It happened less than a half mile from the Metropolitan Police Department’s 5th District station. Officer Steven Hines was headed to the station near the end of his shift when he rolled up on the fire.

Video from his police body camera shows him approaching the car and asking if anyone was inside.

“I tried to look in it but there was too much smoke,” Hines said.

On the video, Hines is then seen breaking the window. A man is inside. Although the man repeatedly replies “yes sir” to Hines, he doesn’t do anything Hines asks him to do.

“He wasn’t able to take his seat belt off,” Hines said. “He seemed out of it.”

By then backup had arrived. Other officers who were about to finish the night shift had responded after hearing what was happening.

“We were right in front of the station when the call came out, so we quickly made a U-turn,” said Officer Jacoby Taylor.

Police say Officer Roberto Adams was able to get the man’s seatbelt off, and then the officers pulled the man to safety, but their work was not done. They say they had to make sure no one else was in the car.

“The smoke was very thick, and so it was hard to see,” said Officer John Hayes.

The officers broke several other windows before determining that the man had been the only person in the car.

Police have not released that man’s name but they say he was treated and released from the hospital.

The officers say they’re proud of the way they worked as a team to save him and their Sergeant says she’s proud too.

“It was amazing,” said Sgt. Nicole Brown. “It was definitely heroism at its finest.”

“If [Officer Hines] had arrived even maybe two to three minutes later it would have been too late,” she added.

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ATHENS, Ga. – An Athens-Clarke County police officer risked everything when he responded to a call of a car on fire. His body camera caught the whole thing on video.

Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney was called out the wreck on Highway 29 about 3 a.m. Aug. 18.  “We got a bad wreck out here in front of my house. … This car gonna blow up, I believe. … Hurry, man, or this car gonna blow up!” a called told and Athens-Clarke County 911 dispatcher.

“I ain’t going to it,” the caller says. “It’s going to blow up. God! Somebody in it. … Come on!”

As Whitney pulled up to the scene, the whole front of the wrecked car was engulfed in flames.

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